When it comes to refurbishment work, Flexit has everything to offer that you could possibly need to complete your project internally and externally.

Working with customers not only do we carry out the contracting work but we offer a complete project management service to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget, using dedicated project managers who oversee the production and installation of every solution. Giving you total peace of mind.

Whether you require a classroom or office refresh, a new outdoor seating area, new playground markings or plans submitting for the complete build of a new classroom or office, we'd love to hear from you.


We get it right first time by ensuring that we fully understand your needs before we start a project and by working closely with you and communicating with you at every stage of the work.


We cover a wide range of refurbishment work...

- Classrooms
- Washrooms
- Staffrooms & Kitchens
- Reception Areas
- Flooring & Decoration
- Ceilings & Lighting
- Extensions & New Builds
- External Play Areas
- Playground Markings
- Canopies & Shelters
- Cabins & Outdoor Classrooms

When it comes to refurbishment, the options are endless...

Ceilings & Lighting


  • Suspended Ceiling System with wipe clean tiles for easy cleaning & maintenance.
  • Plasterboard & Skim Ceilings, painted for effect.
  • Exposed Industrial Style Ceilings, sprayed in dark tones, to make a design statement.


  • Flat Panel Ceiling Grid LED Lights for a minimal, soft, efficient lighting, with optional motion sensors for added efficiency. Can be wiped clean and have a longer life expectancy.
  • In-Ceiling Spot Lights for a modern, homely look.
  • Traditional & Industrial Pendant Lighting to create a stunning design statement.

Suspended Ceiling & Flat Panel Ceiling Grid LED Lights

Plasterboard & Skim Ceiling &
In-Ceiling Spot Lights

Exposed Industrial Ceiling &
Pendant Lights

Non-Slip Vinyl Flooring

Tiled Flooring

Resin Flooring


  • For a cost effective, durable & low maintenance flooring, non-slip vinyl with welded seams & cap & cove upstands, is by far the best option. The cap & cove system means anything that splashes on the walls, can be washed down onto the floor, without getting into any cracks or corners.
  • For a more premium feel, tiled floors are a durable solution, with a huge range of patterns &
    designs to set your washroom apart from the crowd.
  • Seamless, waterproof & anti-fungal… Resin flooring provides an incredibly durable, safe and
    lasting floor covering, ideal in Leisure Centres & other high traffic washrooms or changing spaces.


Our decorating teams will work with you to cause the least disruption possible while work is in progress. They work fast, accurately and quietly and will carefully clear up at the finish.

To us, this is the most important factor. The fact that you get a beautifully decorated space is a bonus.