Fantastic library refurbishment for Bramhope Primary School, Leeds.

School libraries have such a big impact on learning for children, find out more here with 5 reasons school libraries are so important.

1. Access to good quality, up-to-date books. They are good for literacy, mental health and academic attainment, the stronger the reading skills the better they will do in all subjects.

2. A space where they can feel safe and empowered to make their own choices about what they read. It is important for children to have the opportunity to make their own reading choices as this leads them to continue to read for pleasure.

3. A school librarian. A person who can guide them in their reading, inspire them to try something new and provide opportunities to explore reading beyond the walls of the classroom.

4. Learn research skills, to know and understand misinformation through access to good quality academic online resources and a school librarian guiding them through the forest of information on the internet.

5. Good quality collaboration; where teachers and school librarians work well together. This way the teacher can bring the knowledge base expertise and the librarian can bring the research skills, resources and connections. Teaching was never meant to be a DIY job so if teachers are inviting specialists into the classroom our children will benefit.

Credit: Elizabeth Hutchinson





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