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Cloakroom Benching

Schools, Universities, Prisons, Hospitals and other public establishments need tough, reliable fixtures that will stand the test of time.

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IT Benching

Flexit IT benching is being used all over the UK with no damages, no missing parts and no complaints for years. That's why we offer a lifetime guarantee.

Furniture from Flexit


Every furniture item your educational or office establishment will ever need. Furniture solutions - from Flexit of course!

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Refurbishment Projects

Many years of experience transforming the interiors and exteriors of educational and commercial buildings gives Flexit the know-how you need for your project.

Why Flexit?

A unique and innovative range of benching and fitted furniture designed and manufactured at our workshop in Leeds and refurbishment work to Nurseries, Schools, Universities, Prisons, Hospitals, Sports Centres and other establishments.
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Top quality interior and exterior refurbishments for Nurseries, Schools, Universities, Offices, Prisons, Hospitals, Sports Centres and other establishments
We guarantee to deliver on time - your peace of mind depends upon it
What you need is a lifetime guarantee on all orders - so that's what we give you